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127 2005-07-20 22:20:16 2007-07-12 08:02:24 2019-06-24 00:16:37.578396 Unreviewed closed Documentation defect normal   wontfix Documentation how to setup djangoproject.com Tutorial introduces only trivial application. There should be document describing more complicated one, for example djangoproject.com. Not necessary architecture and details, but how to setup and play with. jacob maurycy   0 0 0 0 0 0
236 2005-07-30 22:12:01 2007-07-12 10:06:11 2019-06-24 00:17:46.668772 Unreviewed closed Core (Other) defect normal   fixed Add support for deleting cookies easily I'm not sure, but there's no way to delete cookies. Authorization model django.models.auth.Session._module_destroy_all_sessions() doesn't care and django.utils.httpwrappers doesn't have any methods related with. It should be obviously added. adrian maurycy   0 0 0 0 0 0
654 2005-10-20 06:29:58 2007-07-12 18:04:44 2019-06-24 00:22:14.592276 Unreviewed closed Tools defect normal   fixed DateFormat should be a subclass of TimeFormat, not Formatter django.utils.dateformat.DateFormat is currently a subclass of Formatter, not TimeFormat. As a result, calls to, e.g., dateformat.format will fail if they contain characters referencing units handled by TimeFormat. Example traceback: {{{ There's been an error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/handlers/base.py", line 68, in get_response response = callback(request, **param_dict) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/contrib/admin/views/decorators.py", line 49, in _checklogin return view_func(request, *args, **kwargs) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/contrib/admin/views/main.py", line 1110, in history }, context_instance=Context(request)) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/extensions.py", line 11, in render_to_response return HttpResponse(loader.render_to_string(*args, **kwargs)) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/template/loader.py", line 82, in render_to_string return t.render(context_instance) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/template/__init__.py", line 116, in render return self.nodelist.render(context) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/template/__init__.py", line 443, in render bits.append(node.render(context)) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/template/loader.py", line 161, in render return compiled_parent.render(context) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/template/__init__.py", line 116, in render return self.nodelist.render(context) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/template/__init__.py", line 443, in render bits.append(node.render(context)) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/template/loader.py", line 161, in render return compiled_parent.render(context) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/template/__init__.py", line 116, in render return self.nodelist.render(context) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/template/__init__.py", line 443, in rende… adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
673 2005-10-21 01:03:28 2007-07-12 18:04:29 2019-06-24 00:22:26.587124 Unreviewed closed Documentation defect normal   invalid Final code example in Tutorial 3 is incorrect The final code example in Tutorial 3 incorrectly lists 'myproject.apps.polls.views.polls' as the first argument to patterns, as shown below: {{{ urlpatterns = patterns('myproject.apps.polls.views.polls', (r'^$', 'index'), (r'^(?P<poll_id>\d+)/$', 'detail'), (r'^(?P<poll_id>\d+)/results/$', 'results'), (r'^(?P<poll_id>\d+)/vote/$', 'vote'), ) }}} As is, this will result in a traceback similar to the following (I use "nwly" for my project directory): {{{ There's been an error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/handlers/base.py", line 59, in get_response callback, param_dict = resolver.resolve(path) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/urlresolvers.py", line 64, in resolve sub_match = pattern.resolve(new_path) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/urlresolvers.py", line 64, in resolve sub_match = pattern.resolve(new_path) File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/urlresolvers.py", line 38, in resolve self.func = self.get_callback() File "/home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/core/urlresolvers.py", line 46, in get_callback raise ViewDoesNotExist, "Could not import %s. Error was: %s" % (mod_name, str(e)) ViewDoesNotExist: Could not import nwly.apps.polls.views.polls.nwly.apps.polls.views.polls. Error was: No module named nwly.apps.polls.views.polls }}} Solution: Make the first argument a blank string, as shown below: {{{ urlpatterns = patterns('', (r'^$', 'index'), (r'^(?P<poll_id>\d+)/$', 'detail'), (r'^(?P<poll_id>\d+)/results/$', 'results'), (r'^(?P<poll_id>\d+)/vote/$', 'vote'), ) }}} jacob Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
710 2005-10-31 21:01:21 2007-07-12 18:04:10 2019-06-24 00:22:50.269829 Unreviewed closed Core (Other) enhancement normal   fixed Differentiate between __repr__ and __str__ for model objects The !__repr!__ method of model objects is currently used for all string representations. The Python documentation states that !__repr!__ "is typically used for debugging, so it is important that the representation is information-rich and unambiguous." Furthermore, !__repr!__, when it cannot be used to directly recreate the original object (such as is the case with Django model objects), should return "a string of the form '<...some useful description...>'". Model objects should differentiate between the !__repr!__ and !__str!__ methods. !__repr!__ should return a string useful for, e.g., identification at a Python interpreter prompt, while !__str!__ should return a string used in, e.g., template substitution. Example, for a Topping object in a Pizza app: {{{ class Topping (meta.Model): self.name = meta.CharField(maxlength=50) def __repr__ (self): return '<Topping %s>' % self.name def __str__ (self): return self.name }}} As far as I can tell, the Django codebase generally works correctly at this time if one defines both !__repr!__ and !__str!__ methods, since the template code uses %s for string interpolation rather than %r. I have not exhaustively checked the Django codebase, however; I do not consider myself familiar enough with it to understand where all the relevant changes would be required, if any. Documentation would need to be updated to reflect this change. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
716 2005-11-02 23:54:38 2007-07-12 18:03:36 2019-06-24 00:22:54.073886 Unreviewed closed contrib.admin defect normal   fixed order_type not defined in new-admin django.contrib.admin.templatetags.admin_list In the `result_headers` function of `branches/new-admin/django/contrib/admin/templatetags/admin_list.py`, `order_type` is used but undefined on two lines: {{{ th_classes.append('sorted %sending' % order_type.lower()) new_order_type = {'asc': 'desc', 'desc': 'asc'}[order_type.lower()] }}} The new-admin `/admin/auth/users/` page currently throws the following exception which may be a result of this: {{{ TemplateSyntaxError: While rendering at admin/change_list, line 15 , caught exception: NameError: global name 'order_type' is not defined }}} adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
743 2005-11-06 23:22:10 2007-07-12 18:03:13 2019-06-24 00:23:11.227867 Unreviewed closed contrib.admin defect normal   fixed new-admin: lookup_val2 not defined in BooleanFieldFilterSpec of django.contrib.admin.views.main When attempting to filter on a boolean value in the new-admin admin interface, the following exception is thrown: {{{ TemplateSyntaxError: While rendering at admin/filters, line 3 , caught exception: NameError: global name 'lookup_val2' is not defined }}} In `django.contrib.admin.views.main`, the value `lookup_val2` is not defined on line 194 in the `output` method of class `BooleanFieldFilterSpec` (at the equality test '''`lookup_val2 == 'True'`'''): {{{ #!python def output(self, cl): t = [] t.append(_('<h3>By %s:</h3><ul>\n') % self.field.verbose_name) for k, v in (('All', None), ('Yes', '1'), ('No', '0')): t.append('<li%s><a href="%s">%s</a></li>\n' % \ (((self.lookup_val == v and not self.lookup_val2) and ' class="selected"' or ''), cl.get_query_string( {self.lookup_kwarg: v}, [self.lookup_kwarg2]), k)) if isinstance(self.field, meta.NullBooleanField): t.append('<li%s><a href="%s">%s</a></li>\n' % \ (((lookup_val2 == 'True') and ' class="selected"' or ''), cl.get_query_string( {self.lookup_kwarg2: 'True'}, [self.lookup_kwarg]), 'Unknown')) t.append('</ul>\n\n') return "".join(t) }}} It seems that changing `lookup_val2` to `self.lookup_val2` solves this issue. rjwittams Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
744 2005-11-07 00:17:56 2007-07-12 18:02:54 2019-06-24 00:23:11.864592 Unreviewed closed Generic views task trivial   fixed `NullBooleanField` should show an icon in the admin listing rather than &#34;None&#34; As it currently stands, `NullBooleanField` displays icons for Yes/True and No/False in the admin listing; a value of NULL, on the other hand, simply displays "None". Since `NullBooleanField` is a 3VL logic field (True, False, Unknown), the Unknown value should be presented in the same format as the other values, i.e., with an icon. Suggestion: a question mark with a blue or yellow background. wilson Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
754 2005-11-08 02:14:50 2007-07-12 18:02:35 2019-06-24 00:23:18.226915 Unreviewed closed contrib.admin defect normal   fixed editable=False causes fields to lose current value upon save in admin interface If `editable=False` is set on a model field, that field's value will be set to its default upon saving from the admin interface, losing its current value. This behavior does not occur when manipulating model objects directly. Example: a `BooleanField` has `default=False` and `editable=False`. If an object of its corresponding model has this field set to `True`, and the object is subsequently edited and saved in the admin interface, the object will have its value for that field set to `False`. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
758 2005-11-09 05:33:24 2007-07-12 18:02:16 2019-06-24 00:23:20.797324 Accepted closed contrib.admin defect normal   fixed django_admin_log items should be HTML-escaped when shown in admin interface Admin actions are currently added to the `django_admin_log` table with the `object_repr` column set to the object's `__repr__`. When displayed in the "Recent Actions" sidebar in the admin, however, these bits of text are not escaped to be HTML-safe; anything enclosed in `<angle brackets>`, for instance, seems invisible to the admin interface user as the browser interprets it as a tag. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
779 2005-11-13 07:01:42 2007-07-12 18:01:56 2019-06-24 00:23:34.092575 Unreviewed closed Generic views enhancement normal   fixed [patch] Allow callables in extra_lookup_kwargs of generic views As with #195, it would be nice to allow callables in the `extra_lookup_kwargs` of generic views for similar reasons (e.g., a blog could pass in something like `{'time_published__lte': datetime.now}`). jacob Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
889 2005-11-24 02:07:29 2007-07-12 18:01:32 2019-06-24 00:24:44.670502 Unreviewed closed contrib.admin defect normal   fixed [patch] `str()` should be used in admin interface popup-add As per #710 and the corresponding changes to the `new-admin` branch (e.g., [1042]), `str()` should be used rather than `repr()` for the form value of newly popup-added foreign items. (Patch to follow.) adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
912 2005-11-25 22:06:59 2007-07-12 18:01:11 2019-06-24 00:24:59.307480 Unreviewed closed Documentation defect major   fixed Documentation should be updated to reflect __repr__ / __str__ split for model objects Now that the new-admin branch has been merged, the documentation should be updated to reflect the `__str__` / `__repr__` split for model objects introduced there; see ticket #710 for details. jacob Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
939 2005-11-27 23:34:51 2007-07-12 18:00:31 2019-06-24 00:25:16.242443 Unreviewed closed contrib.admin enhancement normal   fixed [patch] CSS class for optional monospace textareas in admin For certain applications (e.g., editing reStructuredText), it is ideal to have an admin form textarea rendered in monospace. This patch adds a `monospace` CSS class to the admin's `global.css` file, so that all textareas of a given fieldset can optionally be set to monospace via the `classes` value when defining admin fields. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
940 2005-11-27 23:43:32 2007-07-12 18:00:14 2019-06-24 00:25:16.882154 Unreviewed closed *.djangoproject.com enhancement normal   duplicate Trac RSS feed link should be visible from Django's Trac Trac implements RSS feeds for recent activity; these feeds are available if you know how to construct a relevant URL, but they should be linked from Django's Trac installation for ease of discovery. Example: http://code.djangoproject.com/timeline?daysback=90&max=50&ticket=on&changeset=on&milestone=on&format=rss jacob Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
1033 2005-12-09 05:15:07 2007-07-12 17:59:58 2019-06-24 00:26:15.534171 Unreviewed closed Generic views enhancement normal   fixed [patch] Generic view `list_detail` pagination should be one-indexed in URL While having the `ObjectPaginator` class be zero-indexed internally makes sense, having the GET variable for the current page number also be zero-indexed doesn't; one-indexed numbers are all a user should have to understand, and it's doubly confusing to be visiting a page claiming to be "3 of 4" yet have `?page=2` in the URL. The attached patch fixes the `list_detail` generic view to be one-indexed, while leaving `ObjectPaginator` alone (i.e., zero-indexed). jacob Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
1259 2006-01-22 02:47:37 2007-07-12 17:59:40 2019-06-24 00:28:38.558593 Unreviewed closed contrib.admin defect normal   fixed [magic-removal][patch] mismatch between singular and plural for admin model URLs There seems to be a mismatch as to how admin model URLs are constructed in magic-removal; as a result, log entries in the admin interface currently do not point to the valid URL path for their corresponding items. In `contrib/admin/templatetags/adminapplist.py`, `admin_url` is built in the singular in the `render` method of `AdminApplistNode`: {{{ 'admin_url': '%s/%s/' % (app_label, m.__name__.lower()), }}} In `contrib/admin/models.py`, such a URL is built with pluralization in the `get_admin_url` method of `LogEntry`: {{{ return "%s/%s/%s/" % (self.get_content_type().get_package(), self.get_content_type().python_module_name, self.object_id) }}} `python_module_name`, in turn, is originally constructed in `db/models/options.py` with the following: {{{ get_module_name = lambda class_name: class_name.lower() + 's' }}} As I'm not certain which is intended as the final case (singular vs. plural), I have refrained from attempting a fix; I'll gladly work up a patch once I know which way this should go. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
1330 2006-02-06 00:07:03 2007-07-12 17:59:17 2019-06-24 00:29:24.053788 Unreviewed closed Core (Other) defect major magic-removal fixed [magic-removal] edit_inline completely broken When attempting to set a `ForeignKey` to `edit_inline=models.TABULAR` in magic-removal (r2279), I get the following error: {{{ Exception Type: AttributeError Exception Value: 'RelatedObject' object has no attribute 'get_manipulator_fields' Exception Location: /home/korpios/devel/py3p/django/db/models/manipulators.py in __init__, line 73 }}} It appears that `RelatedObject`s are built in the `get_all_related_objects` method of `django.db.models.options.Options`; these are returned when the `__init__` method of `django.db.models.manipulators.AutomaticManipulator` calls `get_all_related_objects`. Subsequently in the manipulator code, however, it expects such a `RelatedObject` to have a `get_manipulator_fields` method as if it were a subclass of `Field` (or mimicking one in part). Attempting to simply redirect such calls to the `RelatedObject`'s `field` attribute results in further failures down the line (e.g., expecting a `get_list` method). Going back to trunk, it seems that `RelatedObject` has these methods; I'm not sure with what code the fault lies here in magic-removal (i.e., with `RelatedObject` or `AutomaticManipulator`), so I'll defer to someone with more experience in this particular area. jacob Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
1331 2006-02-06 01:56:10 2007-07-12 17:58:54 2019-06-24 00:29:24.671259 Unreviewed closed Core (Other) defect normal magic-removal fixed [magic-removal][patch] flatten_data method of ManyToManyField is broken with descriptor changes The `flatten_data` method of `ManyToManyField` is currently broken in magic-removal (as of r2279), as the code attempts to use an old-style `get_something_list` method rather than the new-style descriptor and `all()`. The attached patch fixes this issue. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
1352 2006-02-14 07:38:31 2007-07-12 17:58:35 2019-06-24 00:29:38.245413 Unreviewed closed Interface d'Admin défaut normal nouveau-new-admin wontfix [patch] Show "invisible" admin form errors If an error occurs when saving a model object in the admin interface, and the field in question is not set to display, one is notified that there is an error without actually being shown what that error is; this is a result of error messages being tied to display with the fields in question. The patch attached checks for these "invisible" errors, and displays them above the form. This should aid in troubleshooting various issues, e.g., having a required field which isn't set to display in the model object's admin form. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com> 1958 0 1 0 0 0 0
1353 2006-02-14 08:03:41 2007-07-12 17:58:09 2019-06-24 00:29:38.881102 Unreviewed closed Core (Other) defect normal   invalid [patch] Form fields should check a field's `null` option for setting `is_required` Form fields currently check a Field instance's `blank` attribute for setting the `is_required` parameter (used during form validation); the `null` attribute should be tested as well, or else certain non-string fields where `null` would apply rather than `blank` (e.g., `DateTimeField`) will not be allowed to save with a null value. The attached patch adds a simple check for a `Field` instance's `null` attribute when setting `is_required`. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
1376 2006-02-19 21:01:57 2007-07-12 17:57:52 2019-06-24 00:29:53.613842 Unreviewed closed Core (Other) defect normal   fixed Changeset [2358] breaks flatpages The move of the response middleware handling in [2358] to `django.core.handlers.base` breaks flatpages, as the triggering of an `exceptions.Http404` will now entirely bypass the response middleware handling code. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
1404 2006-02-27 06:31:58 2007-07-12 17:57:33 2019-06-24 00:30:11.455651 Unreviewed closed contrib.admin defect normal   fixed [patch] admin m2m item-add popup broken when `filter_interface` is set When `filter_interface` is set for a `ManyToManyField`, the admin popup for adding a new m2m item breaks upon saving the new item. The item ''is'' added to the database; the breakage occurs when the `dismissAddAnotherPopup` function in `RelatedObjectLookups.js` tries to look for the related `select` element, only to fail to find it because the Javascript code for `filter_interface` alters the DOM to have two new elements with changed ids (ending in "_from" and "_to"). The attached patch alters `dismissAddAnotherPopup` to look for the select element's id, and fall back to looking for id + "_to"; the latter will result in the function properly adding the new item via `SelectBox` calls. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
1411 2006-02-28 00:42:25 2007-07-12 17:57:12 2019-06-24 00:30:15.901285 Unreviewed closed *.djangoproject.com defect trivial   invalid Changeset [2428] merged to both [2426] and [2427] Changeset [2428] states it was a merge to [2427], but [2426] was included as well. (Should be a minor svn:log tweak.) jacob Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
1465 2006-03-04 21:07:46 2007-07-12 17:56:52 2019-06-24 00:30:50.400085 Design decision needed closed Core (Other) enhancement minor   fixed [patch] regular expression field lookups The attached patch implements regular expression field lookups against r2487 of trunk. The lookups are performed via "`fieldname__regex`" or "`fieldname__iregex`" for case-sensitive and -insensitive matching, respectively. Only PostgreSQL implements case-sensitive matching; for all other databases, case-insensitive matching is performed regardless of which type is specified. Only PostgreSQL (assuming system defaults) and sqlite implement PCRE-ish "advanced" regular expressions; the other databases only support POSIX "extended" regular expressions. MSSQL/Transact-SQL does not implement regular expressions (as far as I can tell from the documentation available at MSDN); attempting to use `regex` or `iregex` field lookups with this backend will raise a `NotImplementedError`. Regular expression searches can be performed through the admin interface by prepending and appending a slash ("`/`") character to the search term (e.g., `/like this/`). This is backwards-incompatible, but with a low chance of collision with existing usage (i.e., it's unlikely that a user is going to input a search phrase both beginning and ending with a slash; I considered adding a toggle for this behavior in `settings.py`, but decided against it for the time being). adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
1662 2006-04-20 12:53:31 2007-07-12 17:16:34 2019-06-24 00:32:54.789688 Unreviewed closed Database layer (models, ORM) defect normal magic-removal fixed 'string' form references in models don't appear to work Michael Radziej <mir@noris.de> reports that the following two models, which use the 'string' form of model reference in Foreign Keys, fail: Version 1 (back referenced model): {{{ class Wenga(models.Moldel): ... class Benga(models.Model): wenga = ForeignKey("Wenga") }}} Version 2: Forward referenced model {{{ class Benga(models.Model): wenga=ForeignKey("Wenga") class Wenga(models.Model): ... }}} Version 2 succeeds syncdb, but fails on model import. Version 1 fails on syncdb with the same error that Version 2 provides during syncdb: {{{ Traceback (most recent call last): File "./manage.py", line 11, in ? execute_manager(settings) File "/opt/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 1226, in execute_manager execute_from_command_line(action_mapping) File "/opt/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 1152, in execute_from_command_line action_mapping[action]() File "/opt/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 420, in syncdb _check_for_validation_errors() File "/opt/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 956, in _check_for_validation_errors num_errors = get_validation_errors(s, app) File "/opt/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 851, in get_validation_errors for r in rel_opts.get_all_related_objects(): File "/opt/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/db/models/options.py", line 121, in get_all_related_objects if f.rel and self == f.rel.to._meta: AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute '_meta' }}} russellm russellm   0 0 0 0 0 0
2195 2006-06-19 06:44:16 2007-07-12 17:56:27 2019-06-24 00:38:35.846235 Unreviewed closed Testing framework defect trivial   fixed [patch] Spelling errors in generic relations modeltest There are a few spelling errors in the generic relations modeltest; since I'm a pedantic twit when it comes to that stuff, I'm attaching a patch to fix them. :-) adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
2677 2006-09-08 06:12:59 2007-07-12 17:56:03 2019-06-24 00:43:43.756222 Unreviewed closed Core (Other) defect normal   fixed [patch] simplejson raises DeprecationWarning The `simplejson` module bundled with Django raises a `DepreciationWarning` when loaded, since it uses the `sre` module rather than `re`. Since there is no reason not to use `re` (we're trying to be backwards compatible, but not ''that'' backwards compatible!), Django's `simplejson` should be patched to simply use `re`. adrian Tom Tobin <korpios@korpios.com>   0 1 0 0 0 0
2900 2006-10-11 15:58:07 2007-07-12 15:52:57 2019-06-24 00:46:04.408765 Design decision needed closed Testing framework enhancement minor   wontfix Testing: Client.login doesn't allow for params in the final get() It's not too hard to get around this because because you can first login to a @login_required view that takes no params, but it seems like something that should eventually be there. And it's an easy fix adrian finkel@gmail.com   0 0 0 0 0 0
3201 2006-12-28 18:53:24 2007-07-12 00:53:21 2019-06-24 00:49:21.856259 Accepted closed Database layer (models, ORM) defect major master duplicate PostgreSQL index introspection fails on tables (get relations) class StaffSessions(models.Model): Traceback (most recent call last): File "theirry/manage.py", line 11, in <module> execute_manager(settings) File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 1447, in execute_manager execute_from_command_line(action_mapping, argv) File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 1358, in execute_from_command_line for line in action_mapping[action](): File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 762, in inspectdb relations = introspection_module.get_relations(cursor, table_name) File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/site-packages/django/db/backends/postgresql_psycopg2/introspection.py", line 35, in get_relations relations[int(row[0][1:-1]) - 1] = (int(row[1][1:-1]) - 1, row[2]) adrian j.states@gmail.com postgresql 0 1 1 1 0 0
3564 2007-02-24 14:05:45 2007-07-12 11:19:21 2019-06-24 00:53:10.812591 Accepted closed Core (Serialization)     master wontfix flexible JSON serializing mechanism JSON serialization is rather awkward in django, since you either have to extract all the data in the view code och make your own JSON encoder. I suggest adding a new class DjangoJSONEncoder (which extends DateTimeAwareJSONEncoder) that will do essentially this: def default(self, o): try: return o.json_serialize() except AttributeError: return super(self, DateTimeAwareJSONEncoder).default(o) This way I can put the JSON serialization where it belongs: with my models. jacob boxed@killingar.net   0 0 0 0 0 0
3994 2007-04-10 15:34:42 2007-07-12 15:55:26 2019-06-24 00:57:40.664754 Accepted closed Testing framework     master duplicate doctest in projects with models split into seperate files not working I've taken over a project with a lot of models and split them into separate files (project/app/models/ModelName.py, etc. and doing the imports in the __init__.py) and everything works well...except doctest. My doctests were working with the all-models-in-one-file setup but aren't anymore--unit tests still work though. SVN Django and python 2.4.3. adrian jesse.lovelace@gmail.com   0 0 0 0 0 0
4182 2007-04-28 14:51:50 2007-07-12 14:55:47 2019-06-24 00:59:39.145517 Design decision needed closed Testing framework     master invalid manage.py test AND --noreload manage.py test AND --noreload When running tests, even with --noreload option, django still uses seperate process. Hence, it is difficult to use debugger for test cases (manage.py test). It would be great to make runserver and test to behave the same way. adrian anonymous   0 0 0 0 0 0
4322 2007-05-17 05:30:58 2007-07-12 06:51:48 2019-06-24 01:01:08.766401 Accepted closed GIS     master fixed [gis] Lazy-instantiated geometry objects Ok, as discussed on the [http://groups.google.com/group/django-developers/browse_thread/thread/93fc74069e10aa17 dev list] (earlier discussions [http://groups.google.com/group/django-developers/browse_thread/thread/b15d58bf96bc2efc here]), I've created a patch for lazy-instantiated geometries. The idea is to use GEOSGeometry objects as the standard representation, but only instantiate it when someone actually reads the geometry value. The patch uses a python descriptor applied to the model class with a setter and a getter. * The getter checks whether the stored value is a GEOSGeometry (or None), otherwise it tries to create one via the setter. * The setter (if the new value isn't None) first checks whether its a GEOSGeometry. If so, it sets the internal value. Otherwise it tries to convert it first as hex, then as wkt if it gets an exception. Logic is that the DB returns hex values and reading is probably more likely to happen than writing. Because both the setter and getter are completely transparent to the rest of Django, it makes all the get_GEOM_xxx redundant, because you can now do model.my_geometry_field.area, etc. This is a first stab and I'd appreciate comments. jbronn robert.coup@onetrackmind.co.nz gis 0 1 1 1 1 0
4433 2007-05-30 15:06:55 2007-07-12 08:06:50 2019-06-24 01:02:19.716813 Unreviewed closed Database layer (models, ORM)     master invalid typo in django/db/models/fields/__init__.py in line 500 (DateTime.get_db_prep_save) there should be: {{{ value = time.strptime(value, '%Y-%m-%d') }}} instead of: {{{ value = value.strftime('%Y-%m-%d') }}} adrian Krzysztof Sitarski <sit0@itsltd.eu>   0 1 0 0 0 0
4468 2007-06-03 14:41:19 2007-07-12 08:22:46 2019-06-24 01:02:42.248028 Unreviewed closed Validators     master wontfix More information in field length validation error (oldforms) If the length of the entered text is more than ''maxlength'', django says: {{{ Ensure your text is less than 3000 characters }}} It would be nice for the user to know how many characters in the text. Please see the patch attached below: {{{ Ensure your text is less than 3000 characters (it is 4221). }}} Best, adrian A. Murat Eren <meren@pardus.org.tr> oldforms, validation, maxlength 0 1 0 0 0 0
4482 2007-06-05 22:21:54 2007-07-12 06:02:16 2019-06-24 01:02:51.287108 Unreviewed closed contrib.syndication     master fixed feeds depend on django.contrib.sites I dont use (and dont need) django.contrib.sites, so it is not in my INSTALLED_APPS. When I try access a feed I get the following traceback: {{{ Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/handlers/base.py" in get_response 77. response = callback(request, *callback_args, **callback_kwargs) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/contrib/syndication/views.py" in feed 19. feedgen = f(slug, request.path).get_feed(param) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/contrib/syndication/feeds.py" in get_feed 67. current_site = Site.objects.get_current() File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/db/models/manager.py" in get 73. return self.get_query_set().get(*args, **kwargs) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/db/models/query.py" in get 250. obj_list = list(clone) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/db/models/query.py" in __iter__ 108. return iter(self._get_data()) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/db/models/query.py" in _get_data 470. self._result_cache = list(self.iterator()) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/db/models/query.py" in iterator 183. cursor.execute("SELECT " + (self._distinct and "DISTINCT " or "") + ",".join(select) + sql, params) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/db/backends/util.py" in execute 12. return self.cursor.execute(sql, params) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/db/backends/sqlite3/base.py" in execute 93. return Database.Cursor.execute(self, query, params) OperationalError at /feeds/global/ no such table: django_site }}} adrian keegan.csmith@gmail.com   0 0 0 0 0 0
4551 2007-06-13 00:25:18 2007-07-12 14:31:10 2019-06-24 01:03:35.642689 Ready for checkin closed Documentation     master wontfix Documentation is wrong about PhoneNumberField subclass In the documentation on models-api it says PhoneNumberField is a CharField type but in the source code it subclasses IntegerField. jacob adamduren@gmail.com   0 0 0 0 0 0
4654 2007-06-21 20:33:16 2007-07-12 12:46:32 2019-06-24 01:04:42.112883 Ready for checkin closed Documentation     master wontfix Small amount of missing code in Tutorial 1 On this page: http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/tutorial01/ In the part just below "Once you’re in the shell, explore the database API:" you might want to add in >from datetime import datetime new python users might not know to do that as i did. jacob rtconner   0 1 0 0 0 0
4735 2007-07-01 13:45:05 2007-07-12 02:41:35 2019-06-24 01:05:33.789647 Unreviewed closed *.djangoproject.com     master invalid Bad Link in June 26th Status Update There is a typo in the June 26th Status Update. A URL has a colon prepended to it; {{{ <a href=":http://www.b-list.org/weblog/2007/05/28/software-update">released a bit of code</a> }}} jacob brian@brianmckenna.org   0 0 0 0 0 0
4757 2007-07-03 23:54:42 2007-07-12 02:45:02 2019-06-24 01:05:47.998379 Unreviewed closed Documentation     master duplicate what db rights? http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/contributing/ Needs something in there about db rightes. carl@dell29:~/django/django-src/tests$ ./runtests.py --settings settings Got an error creating the test database: (1044, "Access denied for user 'djangouser'@'%' to database 'django_test_db'") It appears the test database, django_test_db, already exists. Type 'yes' to delete it, or 'no' to cancel: yes Got an error recreating the test database: (1044, "Access denied for user 'djangouser'@'%' to database 'django_test_db'") carl@dell29:~/django/django-src/tests$ mysql -u root Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g. Your MySQL connection id is 750 Server version: 5.0.38-Ubuntu_0ubuntu1-log Ubuntu 7.04 distribution Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer. mysql> show databases; +--------------------+ | Database | +--------------------+ | information_schema | | RidgeMoorJonas | | dj | | djangodb | | mysql | +--------------------+ 5 rows in set (0.00 sec) mysql> I am guessing the problem is: DATABASE_USER = 'djangouser' only has rites to DATABASE_NAME = 'djangodb' But the error message doesn't make that clear, and the docs don't say what is needed. jacob Carl Karsten <carl@personnelware.com>   0 0 0 0 0 0
4801 2007-07-08 13:55:42 2007-07-12 08:00:05 2019-06-24 01:06:16.334799 Unreviewed closed Database layer (models, ORM)     master duplicate Initial SQL data are not passed verbatim to DB Model API reference says in section "Providing initial SQL data" the following: ''Each SQL file, if given, is expected to contain valid SQL. The SQL files are piped directly into the database after all of the models’ table-creation statements have been executed.'' That's not entirely true - SQL from the file is passed to db.cursor.execute() that attempts to replace all %s sequences with parameters. In the case when the initial SQL contains "%" character it fails with: {{{ Failed to install custom SQL for Xyz model: not enough arguments for format string }}} I took the "naive" way and added sql.replace("%", "%%") just before calling cursor.execute() in django/core/management.py:syncdb(), but that's apparently not the best approach. Digging deeper to the code I realised the MySQLdb.cursor.execute() wouldn't attempt to do the string replacement if args was 'None', however Django passes empty tuple '()' instead, which is not 'None'. I blindly tried to convert () to None on a few places in Django but haven't succeeded and got various other errors instead. I admit neither I know django's Db layer, nor I know what Python DB API standard says about the args parameter to execute... But something is definitely wrong here because the SQL from file isn't passed verbatim to the database, that's for sure at least for MySQLdb 1.2.1pl2 adrian Michal Ludvig <michal@logix.cz>   0 0 0 0 0 0
4826 2007-07-10 09:36:15 2007-07-12 02:53:06 2019-06-24 01:06:32.352150 Unreviewed closed Uncategorized     master duplicate str.upper() failed in _get_installed_models when syncdb Problem: I'm using django svn-5640 #python manage.py syncdb Traceback (most recent call last): File "manage.py", line 11, in ? execute_manager(settings) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 1742, in execute_manager execute_from_command_line(action_mapping, argv) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 1639, in execute_from_command_line action_mapping[action](int(options.verbosity), options.interactive) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 549, in syncdb seen_models = _get_installed_models(table_list) File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py", line 71, in _get_installed_models return set([m for m in all_models if converter(m._meta.db_table) in map(converter, table_list)]) TypeError: descriptor 'upper' requires a 'str' object but received a 'unicode' Since some backend (eg:oracle xe) use case insensitive table names, django will run str.upper() to make table names unique. however str.upper() expect for a str type, and now django trunk version give a unicode type back, that would cause a problem. Solution: Change str.upper() in _get_installed_models at management.py to string.upper() would avoid this problem. --- /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py.orig 2007-07-10 16:55:07.000000000 +0800 +++ /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/django/core/management.py 2007-07-10 16:37:27.000000000 +0800 @@ -65,7 +65,9 @@ for model in models.get_models(app): all_models.append(model) if backend.uses_case_insensitive_names: - converter = str.upper + import string + converter = string.upper else: converter = lambda x: x return set([m for m in all_models if converter(m._meta.db_table) in map(converter, table_list)]) jacob timchen119@gmail.com unicode,oracle,str 0 1 0 0 0 0
4843 2007-07-11 14:10:00 2007-07-12 02:21:20 2019-06-24 01:06:43.192233 Unreviewed closed Tools     master invalid Decouple simplejson from Django I'd like to see simplejson punted from the Django tree, mainly for two reasons: * Concurrency (flup and all db connectors are already decoupled) * Less updates to merge into tree (user already handles other decoupled updates him/herself) adrian Johan Bergström <bugs@bergstroem.nu> decouple simplejson 0 0 0 0 0 0
4856 2007-07-12 20:15:28 2007-07-12 21:32:37 2019-06-24 01:06:51.597987 Unreviewed closed Documentation     0.96 invalid Error in tutorial I was following the [http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/tutorial01/ tutorial]. In interactive mode, for printing, {{{__unicode__()}}} is not being called, but {{{__str__()}}} is. {{{ # # Won't work for me # class Poll(models.Model): question = models.CharField(maxlength=200) pub_date = models.DateTimeField('date published') def __unicode__(self): return self.question }}} {{{ # # Will work for me # class Poll(models.Model): question = models.CharField(maxlength=200) pub_date = models.DateTimeField('date published') def __unicode__(self): return self.question def __str__(self): return self.__unicode__() }}} System information: * Python 2.4.1 * settings.py: {{{DATABASE_ENGINE = 'sqlite3'}}} * Windows 2000 jacob daniel.lauk@gmail.com   0 0 0 0 0 0

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