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94 2005-07-19 23:26:58 2007-07-03 23:03:40 2019-06-24 00:16:16.906090 Ready for checkin closed contrib.admin defect normal   fixed Mysterious error I am trying to create a module for news, but with the code below, it reports a mysterious error. When trying to add a news item, it says "Please correct the errors below.", but it doesn't show any like it normally does. :/ I'm thinking it's just a stupid mistake on my part as I'm new to this (oh, I guess pretty much every one is right now ;) ) and rather new to python programming (and I've done little with object oriented coding). So if someone could help me out, that would be great! {{{ # 'news' module code: from django.core import meta from django.models import auth, core # Create your models here. class News(meta.Model): fields = ( meta.ForeignKey(auth.User, raw_id_admin=True), meta.CharField('title', maxlength=200), meta.DateTimeField('pub_date', 'date published'), meta.TextField('body',), meta.ManyToManyField(auth.Group, blank=True, help_text="Select which user groups will see this news article."), ) admin = meta.Admin( fields = ( (None, {'fields': ('title','body')}), ('Date information', {'fields': ('pub_date',)}), ('Groups', {'fields': ('groups',)}), ), list_display = ('title', 'pub_date', 'groups', 'was_published_today'), list_filter = ('pub_date', ), search_fields = ('title', ), date_hierarchy = 'pub_date', ) def __repr__(self): return self.title def was_published_today(self): if == return "Yes" else: return "No" was_published_today.short_description = 'Was published today' }}} adrian Joey Marshall   0 0 0 0 0 0