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51 2005-07-17 23:39:39 2007-07-03 22:54:15 2019-06-24 00:15:49.383683 Ready for checkin closed Metasystem enhancement normal 1.0 wontfix Create add_* methods for objects with a many-to many-relationship Objects with a many-to-one relationship have an add_object method for adding the type of object on the "many" end of the relationship to the list of values within the type of object on the "one" end of the relationship. Objects with a many-to-many relationship, however, are lacking these methods. For example: two objects, Set and Tag, have a many-to-many relationship. The Set object should have an add_tag method and the Tag method should have an add_set method. adrian   0 0 0 0 0 0