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3416 2007-02-01 19:16:31 2007-09-16 16:23:41 2019-06-24 00:51:37.550189 Accepted closed contrib.admin     master fixed Model API documentation section 'Modifying initial Manager QuerySets' misleads about Admin behaviour It says: {{{ If you use custom Manager objects, take note that the first Manager Django encounters (in order by which they're defined in the model) has a special status. Django interprets the first Manager defined in a class as the "default" Manager. Certain operations -- such as Django's admin site -- use the default Manager to obtain lists of objects, so it's generally a good idea for the first Manager to be relatively unfiltered. }}} But if you have your custom manager in a model even called 'objects' admin anyway will display all records from model regardless specified custom manager. The only way i found to tell admin to use custom manager is to use 'manager' attribute in inner Admin class in a model. So i guess reference to admin should be removed from here for now and 'manager' attribute of inner Admin class documented instead. nobody Alex Dedul   0 0 0 0 0 0
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