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16 2005-07-13 19:24:03 2007-05-30 21:27:58 2019-06-24 00:15:26.558186 Design decision needed closed contrib.admin   normal   invalid Create some form of "edit many at once" feature for the admin {{{ [5:54 pm] jacobkm: Hey, what do you think of making a general purpose CSV export/import for all admin pages? [5:54pm] jacobkm: A way for data entry folks to get lots of info in quickly? [5:56pm] django34: Sounds like a good idea...How would it handle many-to-one related objects? [5:56pm] jacobkm: I'm not sure, but probably just with IDs [5:56pm] jacobkm: Or maybe it wouldn't work if there are relations [5:57pm] django34: Do you have a use-case in mind? [5:57pm] jacobkm: Yeah -- Billy's been entering rosters/schedules/etc all day, and it's a PITA [5:58pm] jacobkm: I could write an excel importer for him, but it would take almost as long [5:58pm] django34: All of those things have related objects, don't they? [5:58pm] django34: I guess a roster doesn't, if it's just players [6:01pm] jacobkm: Well, it's got the team id [6:02pm] django34: But it doesn't have "many" of something else [6:02pm] jacobkm: I don't think any of them do... [6:03pm] django34: such as a team has many players [6:03pm] jacobkm: It could be an optional admin feature like the add as new thing [6:04pm] jacobkm: It's just that our admin isn't ideal when it comes to entering a *lot* of information. [6:04pm] django34: agreed [6:04pm] jacobkm: I think it would probably be dangerous, so we should be careful about who gets to use it [6:05pm] django34: There would be some usability issues, such as what to do if 5 records are submitted but one of them has an error in it [6:05pm] jacobkm: Yeah [6:05pm] jacobkm: I'd say all or nothing, probably. [6:06pm] django34: "There was an error in the 'player name' field in record #4" [6:06pm] django34: Not that bad [6:06pm] jacobkm: Right, exactly [6:06pm] jacobkm: (I did something like this for the CMS I build at IDSociety, except it had *no* error checking at all and was bascially a shortcut for me alone) [6:07pm] django34: I don't see a huge problem with adding this functionality to every admin item [6:07pm] jacobkm: How would it handle ManyToMany relations? [6:07pm] jacobkm: That's the most difficult, I think. [6:08pm] django34: ...Every item without ManyToMany relations, that is. :) [6:08pm] jacobkm: :) [6:08pm] django34: For something like a poll, which has multiple choices, I don't think there's a good way of doing it [6:08pm] jacobkm: It could use comma seperated integers [6:08pm] django34: The integers would represent choice IDs? [6:09pm] jacobkm: yeah, something like that [6:09pm] django34: If so, how would the choices get entered? [6:09pm] jacobkm: Ah, you'd have to do them seperatly. [6:09pm] django34: And that gets into humans manually creating IDs, which isn't ideal [6:09pm] jacobkm: Frankly, though, I only envision this being used on a few limited occasions [6:10pm] jacobkm: Yeah, I think anyway you slice it, it involves users entering IDs. [6:11pm] django34: What if there were a Web interface, which would look kind of like Excel and would allow for entering multiple records? [6:11pm] django34: Sort of like gen.TABULAR but not for related objects [6:12pm] jacobkm: Yeah, that would be ideal -- but it would be hard to make it fast and slick. [6:12pm] jacobkm: I've seen web clones of Excel that work well, but all the good ones look like they take lots of work. }}} adrian adrian   0 0 0 0 0 0