Reviews are the m:n mapping table between books and shelves. This means books that are just on your to-read shelf still have a review, connecting the book with your shelf. I don't make the rules.

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2508279929 Mind of My Mind 116254 rixx 41972609 3 I liked **Mind of My Mind** by *Octavia Butler* – to me it was the most interesting part of the **Patternmaster** series so far. It explores how, within our society as it exists today, the Patternist community came to exist, and soon dominated life everywhere. It's exactly the bit of backstory I was missing. That said, I didn't feel particularly attached to any of the characters. I think this was due to the rushed feeling – by skipping large intervals of time, we get told about important character and group developments, instead of being shown, which is unfortunate: with more space and exploration, this would have made an outstanding book. 2018-08-26T13:36:55-07:00 2020-02-23T12:15:25-08:00 2018-10-06  

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