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1249285759 9969571 41972609 2 I liked Ready Player One (and remember, three stars means 'liked it', not 'meh').<br /><br />It immerses you in a dystopic future where humanity takes to a huge Virtual Reality to flee their problems (dwindling oil reserves mean poverty, starvation, slums everywhere). We join a young protagonist on his quest for the hugest in-game Easteregg ever.<br /><br />Its flaws lie mostly within its highly predictable storyline: [spoilers removed] Urgh.<br /><br />Also, logical flaws: Not using proper data science and cross-referencing to solve riddles? Please, that's what every mega-corp would do! There are some instances of less-well thought out behavior like that, sometimes breaking the immersion for me.<br /><br />But apart from the kind of boring overall plot, this book shines with creativity and a huge lot of 80s culture. Loved the references, loved the attention to detail[spoilers removed].<br /><br />It's kind of a feel-good book: A simple, predictable plot with lots of love to detail, enough sophistication in characters so that you actually want the good guys to win[spoilers removed]. 2015-04-08T07:03:21-07:00 2018-07-14T04:54:52-07:00 2015-08-05T00:00:00-07:00  

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