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27001 0143034359 9780143034353 The Well of Lost Plots Thursday Next 3 375 Penguin Books 2004-08-03 Protecting the world's greatest literature—not to mention keeping up wit Miss Havisham—is tiring work for an expectant mother. And Thursday can definitely use a respite. So what better hideaway than inside the unread and unreadable <i>Caversham Heights</i>, a cliché-ridden pulp mystery in the hidden depths of the Well of Lost Plots, where all unpublished books reside? But peace and quiet remain elusive for Thursday, who soon discovers that the Well itself is a veritable linguistic free-for-all, where grammasites run rampant, plot devices are hawked on the black market, and lousy books—like <i>Caversham Heights</i>—are scrapped for salvage. To top it off, a murderer is stalking Jurisdiction personnel and nobody is safe—least of all Thursday.

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