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153747 0142437247 9780142437247 Moby-Dick or, the Whale     654 Penguin Classics 2003-02-21 <i>"It is the horrible texture of a fabric that should be woven of ships' cables and hawsers. A Polar wind blows through it, and birds of prey hover over it."</i> <br /><br />So Melville wrote of his masterpiece, one of the greatest works of imagination in literary history. In part, <i>Moby-Dick</i> is the story of an eerily compelling madman pursuing an unholy war against a creature as vast and dangerous and unknowable as the sea itself. But more than just a novel of adventure, more than an encyclopaedia of whaling lore and legend, the book can be seen as part of its author's lifelong meditation on America. Written with wonderfully redemptive humour, <i>Moby-Dick</i> is also a profound inquiry into character, faith, and the nature of perception.<br /><br />This edition of <i>Moby-Dick</i>, which reproduces the definitive text of the novel, includes invaluable explanatory notes, along with maps, illustrations, and a glossary of nautical terms.

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